Is it time to start panicking about Riley Rieff?

Mitch Linsley, Dump and Change Sports | August 2nd, 2017

As most Vikings fans know, the offensive line was the worst-performing position group of the 2016 season, resulting in low offensive numbers and a 32nd ranked rushing attack. While the run game has been addressed through the acquisitions of Latavius Murray and Dalvin Cook, the biggest question mark coming into training camp was whether or not the O-Line had improved enough to give the team a chance to win games this season. The need for improvement on the line was allegedly helped in the offseason by picking up Mike Remmers and Riley Rieff, both veteran lineman expected to instantly improve the line’s performance.

Hold your horses Vikings fans. On the first day of real practice in training camp, Riley Rieff was taken off the field in a golf cart for what is expected to be a back injury and has yet to return to practice. This is concerning because its been a week since Rieff has been spotted on the field and sources close to the team are already speculating on which players will take over the extremely important right tackle spot.

But fear not Vikings fans; today on KFAN, Mike Wobschall optimistically made an argument for TJ Clemmings to be a good substitute. For those of you who don’t remember TJ, he was our swing door tackle from last season, the one who made sure our running backs couldn’t get past the line and that Bradford would threw away at least 2 balls per possession. Clemmings was ranked by Pro Football Focus as the WORST PLAYER IN THE NFL. I swear to god, Paul Allen and Wobby are to the Vikings what Fox News is to the White House. I’ve drank the cool aid before don’t get me wrong, but the poison in the punchbowl is stinking up the whole party this time.

Mike Zimmer when asked about Rieff’s status said his injury is “concerning”. I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say we aren’t gonna be seeing Rieff for a while. This injury isn’t the end of the world for the Vikings but it could put a damper on our offense.

Panic scale: 7/10

Good job Speilman, you wasted $58.75 million over 5 years on a lineman made of glass. Kinda like when you signed Jake Long for a million dollars and he lasted 2 snaps of one game last year. While you’re throwing money around, how about you give me a shot at returning punts? I’ll do it for 50 grand.

In other news, we have a battle at the center spot between Nick Easton, Joe Berger and rookie Pat Elflein. These are all competent players so hopefully if Rieff isn’t coming back, we can slide one of those guys over to right tackle.


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