NFL Picks – Week 15

Week 15 Spreads

Broncos @ Colts (+2.5)

  • The Broncos are awful and Elway knows they need to tank for a draft pick.

Bears @ Lions (-5.5)

  • Like the Broncos, the Bears have more to gain from losing. Can Detroit even still make the playoffs?

Chargers (-1) @ Kansas City

  • Chargers will stay hot and Phillip Rivers doesn’t have much time left. Los Angeles could be a scary team come wildcard weekend.

Jets (+16) @ Saints

  • 16 points is a lot and I think the Jets can hang in there just enough.

Packers @ Panthers (-3)

  • Panthers have a chance to claim the first round bye and their division, starting with a win vs Green Bay. Lets see what Aaron Rodgers has to say.

Eagles @ Giants (+7.5)

  • If Eli Manning can beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl twice, he can beat Nick Foles with 8 points.

Ravens (-7) @ Browns

  • The Browns are so damn bad. I wish they had held on against Green Bay.

Cardinals (+4.5) @ Redskins

  • The skins suck and the Cardinals can keep it close.

Bengals @ Vikings (-10.5)

  • Vikings need a big win to get back some of that momentum last in Charlotte.

Texans (+10.5) @ Jags

  • Is Tom 21-points Savage good for three touchdowns against Sacksonville?

Rams @ Seahawks (-2)

  • Seattle thrives this time of year.

Titans @ 49ers (-2)

  • Jimmy G is undefeated in San Fran.

Patriots @ Steelers (+3)

  • It’s gonna be close. Have to take the home team with a field goal.

Dallas (-3) @ Oakland

  • Raiders are disappointing this season, Dallas is still alive.

Falcons (-6) @ Tampa Bay

  • Like the Raiders, the Bucs have severely underachieved in 2017.


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