NFL Picks – Week 17

Week 17 is usually a tricky week for spreads. Teams with nothing to play for combined with others fighting for their lives often make for weird lines and due to lack of starters playing and ample meaningless games. With that said, he are my week 17 picks. Keep note than I’m picking 53-38-7 (took a few weeks off) on the season but have never done well week 17. These unique spreads offer a chance to make money but also propose risk. In all honesty you’d be better off betting on bowl games.

HOU +5.5 @ IND

Never trust a bad team like the Colts to cover a 6 point spread.

GB @ DET -6.5

Detroit may be eliminated but they’ll still want to kick a division rival while they’re down.

CLE @ PIT -7

Cleveland is on the verge of 0-16 while the Steelers are  guaranteed a first round bye.

NYJ @ NE -15.5

The Patriots aren’t going to let the lowly Jets come in and ruin their seeding.

DAL @ PHI +3

Bizarre that the number one seed in the NFC is a home dog vs. a non-playoff team.

WAS @ NYG +3

Eli Manning’s recent words of encouragement could help the G-Men beat Washington.

CHI @ MIN -11.5

Bears have been getting mopped up by the NFC North. MIN a first round bye on the line.

NO -6.5 @ TB

The Saints are playing for seeding while Tampa Bay plays for nothing.

CIN + 9.5 @ BAL

I like the Ravens to win and get into the playoffs but they often play down to their competition.

SF @ LA +3.5

The 49ers are favored on the road against a team that could secure the 3 seed. Call that the Jimmy G effect.

ARI +9.5 @ SEA

Seattle will win in all likelihood but 10 points is asking a lot from a team who got dragged around the field by the Rams.

CAR +4 @ ATL

I think the Panthers are the better of the two teams. Give them four extra points and I know where my money is at.

OAK @ LAC -8

Philip Rivers has never played in the Super Bowl. A win at home could give him his last chance.

KC +3.5 @ DEN

Not sure why KC is the favorite considering the Broncos have been awful. Vegas knows something we don’t.

BUF @ MIA +2.5

Jay Cutler recently stated he wants to play another year. This game could be his last chance to prove he’s a viable option for a bad team next season.

JAX +3 @ TEN

The Jags need a bounce back game after last weekend’s debacle. Tennessee doesn’t belong in the playoffs.

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