Preds are BACK: Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 (very quick) Recap


The Preds are BACK! 3-1 over the Pens. I’m gonna keep this one plain and simple. Nashville came out firing again, their fans were loud and crazy before during and after the game, like I said before, I’d love to be in Nashville right now. The Predators played a complete game for the second time this series, taking advantage of their opportunities unlike the Pens. Crosby had a nasty goal, Jake Guentzel missed 3 good chances in the second period and the refs were handing out calls to the Preds on a silver platter. PK Subban took a dive in the 3rd and drew got an early whistle that stopped a Pittsburgh offensive possession that they would have scored on. I’m not saying the refs won this game for Nasville because Rinne did, but it could have been a lot closer.

4-1 now, the games still going on, Eckholm just scored his second of the series on an empty netter from his own zone. Doc Emrick just said it was Eckholm’s first and not second but I looked it up and I was right, he scored last game too, *elite hockey mind*. Eckholm just won free ice cream for all the fans so now I’m deeming him the Ice Cream Man just like Fred Hoiberg was the Pizza Man in the 90s with the Chicago Bulls. You can look that story up I’m not explaining it, but it’s funny as hell.

I’m a little tipsy by the way and I have work early tomorrow so I’m not gonna try that hard here. What else…. 1:39 left now, Charles Barkley talked some hockey in between periods and got in on Wayne Gretzky’s press cofnerence. He had some jokes, Barkley is always good TV. Can we talk about how much better Inside the NBA is than the talking heads NBC has covering hockey? That means you too Roenick. Mike Milbury had a boner for Carrie Underwood at intermission, first time I’ve seen him smile.

Anyone else notice ESPMN and the NHL is trying to create a African-Canadian (is that a real term?) hockey star so people in the south will watch these games? They probably still won’t as long as high school football highlights are on youtube. The NHL is about teams and not players which probably hurts marketing but does wonders for the overall product. Barkley even said the Stanley Cup playoffs and way better than the NBA.

Okay the game just ended; 4-1 Nashville. This series is tied going to Pittsburgh as Nashville has put themselves right back in this. When Pekka Rinne is on, the Preds are damn near unstoppable. So we pretty much have a 3 game series. Not trying to outsmart myself but I like Nashville now. I said last blog that whoever wins this game takes the series and I’m a man of conviction.

Postgame interview is coming up, let’s see what garbage Subban’s about to say to make headlines. He seems like a good guy off the ice but the dives and the drama just rub me the wrong way. You’re in the NHL for god’s sake and you wonder why every other player is a dick to you. Haven’t you ever hard the phrase be a hockey player? He’s got an awfully big mouth for someone who is like 3rd or 4th in defensive scoring of his team in the playoffs. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes full NBA player and wear some dumb shit into the arena next game. For the sake of hockey I hope he doesn’t but if he does I can rip him on the internet because that’s what tough guys like me do.

Quicker summary:

Crosby had a sick goal

Rinne and Murray both had some huge saves

Both teams had a ton of chances

Next game will be good

PK Subban=HUGE pussy