The Timberwolves just won the NBA draft

In the most unlikely series of events every, the Minnesota Timberwolves arguably won the 2-17 NBA draft. Early into the night, the Wolves announced they would be sending Zach Lavine, Kris Dunn and our 7th pick (who ended up being Lauri Markkanen from Arizona via Finland) for 16th pick Justin Patton and star shooting guard JIMMY BUTLER! You read that correctly; the T Pups have a  bona fide veteran star on their roster. Butler’s presence makes the Wolves an instant 6 or 7 seed in my eyes, a top heavy western conference could see them do even better with a true two-way player in their starting lineup. With support from young stars like Karl Towns and Andrew Wiggins in addition to being reunited with  his former coach Tom Thibodeau, Butler should have no problem adjusting to Minnesota’s system.

Barring a Ricky Rubio trade, the Wolves’ starting lineup should look something like this next season:

Point Guard: Ricky Rubio

Center: Karl-Anthony Towns

Shooting Guard: Jimmy Butler

Strong Forward: Andrew Wiggins

Power Forward: Gorgui Dieng

That right there is not only a playoff team, but a team that is primed to start its’ peak when super teams like Golden State and Cleveland begin to dissipate.

My Prediction: the Wolves finish 46-36 next season. #Howl